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Read This BEFORE Posting!

Postby FletchuK on Sat Jan 19, 2008 3:41 am

Hello and welcome to the KillerInstincts Community Forums! We would like to keep this forum as friendly as possible however there are some general rules to follow:

Rule 1
Please don't make abusive posts with the sole intention of causing trouble!

Rule 2
Disagreeing with someone is fair enough make a point, but verbally abusing or consistently getting on someones back is not welcome here. We want people to be able to chill out and discuss things maturely here, those that can't do this properly will be banned.

Rule 3
Please no pornographic, sexually offensive, or sexually explicit material.

Rule 4
Please don't come on here posting illegal information or material.

Rule 5
Please don't post another users phone number, address, picture, etc without their permission.

Rule 6
Please guys it's great getting involved in topics but anyone who joins the forum purely to spam will be banned with out warning.

This should all sound reasonable so don't do it!

A few guidelines...

Swearing - We don't mind swearing here but please try and keep it to a minimal.

Signatures - Remember that these can appear many times within a topic, so try and keep them small and non-distracting (and preferably image-less).

Other than that, make friends chill out and get in with he gossip.

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