dRAIZ Application

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dRAIZ Application

Postby dRAIZ on Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:30 pm

Name:- Xaris Loukakis
Age:- 17
Location:- Chania,Greece
Experience:- Started Playing css 2007 in lans attented in Greece. in 2009 i started to play and online.lots of achievements , lots of experience! i know english! this is not a problem
Skill:- mid . when im on fire mid+
Availability:- anyday but only evenings
STEAM ID :- STEAM_0:1:28434897
Steamfriends:- loukos1995
Previous clans:-
Team EXCUSE-(sLixx,aNd,dRAIZ,abc,clash)
Team RESQUARE-(Edyn,s1renn,aNd,soFame,amita,dRAIZ)
Team seeYou-(Edyn,s1renn,aNd,soFame,amita,dRAIZ)
Team Violent-(Edyn,s1renn,aNd,amita,klrs,dRAIZ)
Team EYES ON U.(EdyN,s1reNNN,klrs,sofame,BULLZEYE,draiz,lAx,HERTZ)
Team COREGAME(edyn,s1reNNN,KlrS,weirdO,BULLZEYE,aNd,AmitA,draiz)
Team myRevenge e.V.EPS(EdyN,Weir0,Bullzeye,draiz,agr1a,SO FAME)

Any other relevant info:- im not able to attend in lans but i will be on my duties if we have online cups and tournaments :) thanks for reading my application :)

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Re: dRAIZ Application

Postby sKiN on Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:44 am

Thanks for the application mate, but mmx is no longer an active team. Sorry dude.

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Re: dRAIZ Application

Postby nS on Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:35 pm

app was for polarity. Think the guy got bit confused.
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