Application Template

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Application Template

Postby maztaz on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:36 pm


(Hi we are clan "name" ect..)

Clan infomation;

Clan name:

Website (if you have one):

age of team members? (range 18 - 23)

where are players from?


ETF2 / ED / ESL / OTher

Team page:

The Team;

name: Maz
steam Id: 0:0:1111111

name: bob
steam Id: 0:0:1111111

Other Information;

Why would like to join us?

(sell yourself, be honest! )

What made you apply?

What can you offer us?

Any other information;

1. Team awards/achievemts??
2. how long have you been playing?

Do you accept playing under our community name as either Killerinstincts or instincts.
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